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The Caring Circle would like you to know about the types of services we provide for each other in our Temple B'nai Israel community:

  • Friendly phone calls
  • Visits to homes, senior residences, hospitals
  • Assistance with grocery shopping
  • Assistance with meals
  • Companionship for coffee or lunch
  • Sending cards at times of illness, bereavement, and simcha
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Keeping in touch by email
  • Assistance at time of bereavement
  • Organization and attendance of Shiva services when a loved one has died
  • Organization and attendance of memorial services
  • Help with funeral or memorial luncheons
  • Help in identifying and accessing resources


If you know of someone in our community who could benefit from a call from the Caring Circle, please call any member of our committee:


Ellen Winter (Co-Chair), 323-1911  Morry Edwards (Co-Chair), 685-5565  Paulette Thompson, 344-0930 
Renee Bertman, 365-4418 Robin Pollens, 344-2738  Bill Stein, 375-9764 
Bruce Schultz, 808-4139 Jo Hartenstein-McIntyre, 345-1236  


(phone number area code is 269, unless otherwise specified)


Temple B’nai Israel Caring Circle Procedures

Our goal is to support one another as a community in times of need.

If a member of the temple is ill or has other needs and these needs are brought to the attention of a Caring Circle member, the temple member is contacted.  We express our support and listen to their concerns. The Caring Circle member asks if the temple member would like follow up support.

How would they like to be supported? (phone contact, in person visits, meals, transportation, cards, errands, etc)

Who should be notified?: only members of the Caring Circle, or also the members of the Extended Circle (approx. 15 other temple members who have signed up to offer support as needed), or all members of temple on the email list.

Do they want to be on the MiShaberach list at services? and/or in the newsletter?

In the case of serious illness or hospitalization, the Caring Circle may contact the temple member, the family member, or the member’s patient advocate to determine needed support.

Long term support

If a temple member receiving long term support from Caring Circle does not have family members in town, the temple member should provide the Caring Circle with the name and phone number of a family  member to be contacted in case of an emergency.

All temple members also have the option of providing this name and number to the Caring Circle in case future needs arise.


  1. Caring Circle members will only discuss member’s needs within the Caring Circle, or as guided by the member needing care.

  2. Temple members should avoid using the Temple B’nai Israel Facebook page to communicate about members who are ill. People join this Facebook page who are not members of the temple. Posting personal information about someone may therefore be seen by people that the member may not have intended to inform.

  3. If Temple B’nai Israel’s religious leader is seriously ill, the congregation will be notified.




Shabbat Services


Please join us for Shabbat services led by Rabbi Matthew Zerwekh. On the first, third, and fourth Fridays of each month, Shabbat services begin at 7:00 p.m. On the second Friday  of each month, Shabbat services begin at 6:00 p.m. and are followed by a community potluck meal open to all (October through May) or a shared meal at a local restaurant (June through September).  In months with a fifth Friday, we forego services at TBI and instead gather in members’ homes for a shared Shabbat dinner.

Every Saturday morning, our  our weekly morning Shabbat serviceMinyan Milamed, begins at 10:00 a.m. Check our calendar page for updates. Our Shabbat services are always open to visitors; we invite you to come and experience Temple B'nai Israel!