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There are extra Chanukah supplies leftover from the Bazaar. I am able to sell them for the next week or so and the Religious School will get more profit! Can you please spread the word for anyone interested to call or text me at the number below to make arrangements to come by my house to purchase items. 

We still have Chanukah stickers and 3-D gift tags, dark chocolate gelt, boxes of candles, and about eight rolls of wrapping paper (two different designs). Thank you! Contact Carol Berg, her phone number can be found in this week’s mailings.

Member Connections News
The committee will be starting an Ambassador program to welcome and engage new TBI members. Want to become an Ambassador for the temple? Not a lot of time needed, but a lot of satisfaction and friendship guaranteed! Contactadmin@templebnaiisrael.com if you would like to become a TBI Ambassador.

Want to learn Hebrew?
Rabbi Schicker is planning an adult Hebrew class for beginners. If you are interested in participating, please email Rabbi Schicker atrabbi@templebnaiisrael.com and let her know what days/times would be good for you. She is looking for a class to be held once a week for an hour and a half.

*****TBI Classified Ads*****
Want to start a running group?  Will you do pet-sitting? 
Need to connect with a handyperson?
Place a classified ad in our weekly email blast – it will run
for two weeks. 
 Email admin@templebnaiisrael.com with your ad!

TBI needs people several times a year who could be “on call” to open and close the temple for events. We hope to have a list so you would not be needed for every event.
$15 per hour. Interested? Contact: