Life Cycle Events

Birth & Baby

Names? Mohel? Before your baby is born, you may discuss the choice of Hebrew names, the Brit Milah (circumcision) ceremony for boys or the Brit Bat (naming) ceremony for girls, and other issues with our rabbi. Our rabbi will be there to help you and your family celebrate these ceremonies and give your child a Jewish welcome!

Beginning Religious School

During our Simchat Torah service each fall, we consecrate those children (typically 5 years of age) who are beginning their Temple B’nai Israel religious school training.

Adult B’nai Mitzvah

If you are interested in studying to become b’nai mitzvah (child of the commandments) please reach out to our rabbi who works individually with those interested in working towards this celebration of their learning and commitment to Judaism.


Our rabbi will meet with couples in premarital counseling several times in the months leading up to the joyous event. The series of meetings is meant to prepare the couple not only for the ceremony, but also for the beginning of their married life together.


Every Shabbat we read the names of those in our community and their loved ones who are ill or recovering their health (body, mind or spirit). To add a name to our healing list or for more information, please contact our rabbi or any member of the Caring Circle.

Our Caring Committee reaches out to our congregation in times of illness and following the death of loved ones.

Funeral – Death and Dying

When sorrow comes, our rabbi and synagogue associate can guide you — in a loving, meaningful, and supportive way — through what must be done. Our rabbi and synagogue associate can also help in pre-need arrangements for the cemetery and funeral as well as guide you and your family through the Jewish ritual of death. Following the funeral, our rabbi and synagogue associate will be honored to lead Shiva minyan (mourning services) for the family as well. 

Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques offer a lasting remembrance to honor loved ones who have passed away. Names on the memorial plaques are lit annually on the Yahrzeit (anniversary date) of the individual’s death, as well as during Yizkor (memorial) service on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).