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Member Connections Bringing Members Together

 The heart of any community are the rare individuals who infuse their time and energy and love into making a home for all.

Nothing could better describe the men and women in the Members Connection Committee who are always working to bring a little extra something to all our lives.

From inviting new members to brunch and all members to barbeques!

From Purim Parties and Hamentashen Bakeoff’s to High Holy Holidays Observance our committee is always working to bring new and inviting occasions for the whole family! 

We invite you to be a part of it all! (and always looking for new ideas!)

(contact form below) 

Lag b'Omer Picnic MAY 2ND 6:30-8PM


Learn about the connection of campfires, archery and haircuts to this fun minor Jewish holiday. Picnic on our beautiful grounds. Burgers. Dogs. S’mores. Campfire. Archery. Storytelling.

Come relax with your TBI family. Bring your own lawn chair (and one or more to share if you have them). Bring your own hard beverage Dinner and soft drinks provided with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Share a story about a haircut (if you have one).

The Member Connection Committee will be providing food, so we MUST have an accurate headcount by 4/30/18. Link to RSVP spreadsheet can be found in the email blast!!!! Or send an email through the form below! 

Because it’s a weeknight, we’ll get right to the business of celebrating promptly at 6:30 so folks can get home early, but you can also feel free to hang out leisurely around the campfire if you’re so inclined.

 Dear TBI Members:

The TBI Member Connections Committee is working on a new, comprehensive membership directory that will facilitate connections between members. We not only want to include names and contact information, but also photos and interests.

This has been a several-month process, starting with information gathering and now moving on to photo shoots, directory layout, and finally – distribution. We are going to start from “scratch,” as phone numbers, emails, etc. frequently change.

Eventual distribution will be sent to you by email (rather than printed copies) so that information updates can be easily made. Once the document is complete, any changes you want to make can be submitted to Julie at , who will periodically update the directory.

connections 2099068 1280

Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire by clicking HERE.

The TBI Membership Directory will be distributed only to current temple members.

We are intending to add it to a password protected area of the website at a later date.

The information you provide will not be shared publicly.

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Member Connections