Becoming a B'nai Mitzvah A child of the commandments

Photo by: Jay Pike
Photo by: Jay Pike

Rabbi Simone Schicker, B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator Diane Schear, private tutors, and teachers of the Marvin and Rosalie Okun Kalamazoo Community Jewish School (OKCJS) prepare our children for their bar or bat mitzvah.

Parents play a crucial role in this life-changing journey by assisting their children with additional studying and with the completion of their mitzvah projects. In this context mitzvah is translated as “good deed” or “community service.” The dictionary translation of mitzvah is “commandment.”

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B’nai mitzvah (translated as children of the commandments) is a milestone in the religious life of students. This program is available to all students in good standing who have been enrolled in formal Jewish education for the two-year period immediately prior to their 13th birthday.  

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