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 Welcome to the TBI book club — we’re hoping to bring even more people together, one page at a time! 

 We will post the books here month by month! 

 We meet on designated Thursday’s at This is a Bookstore (check the map below) 

Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you soon! 



The Temple B’nai Israel Bookclub sets, side-by-side, two authors who might be considered a literary father and son: JAMES BALDWIN and TA-NEHISI COATES. The content and form of Baldwin’s memoir, The Fire Next Time, provided inspiration for Coates’s, Between the World and Me. Both books are concise, remarkably candid reflections on growing up black in America.
We will read The Fire Next Time for November 19 [date change!] and Between  the World and Me for December 19. As always, we will meet at This is a Bookstore on Oakland Drive. We can explore each book separately and then have the discussion over both books together on January 16 for MLK Day.
Here is a link to a study guide for both books. It was prepared by the Fetzer Institute.


In preparation for Reading Together 2020 sponsored by the Kalamazoo Public Library, we will be reading “We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast” by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Meeting date: February 27th at 7:00PM at This is a Bookstore.


More information from the Kalamazoo Public Library can be found here:



This is a Bookstore