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January 31, 2018 Tu b'Shevat

 Wednesday night we held our inaugural Tu b’Shevat sedar to great success. More than 40 people attended and we raised enough money to plant four trees in Israel! 

A huge thank you to our Membership Connections Committee for putting this together so beautifully!

Here’s to many more years celebrating Tu b’Shevat! (or as my son calls it the trees birthday!)  

tu bshvat

Preparing for Community Seder March 29, 2018

  • 29694523_10156439075899434_7980901151326179668_n
    Cary in his awesome apron!
  • 29595331_10156439076024434_2762187495957442494_n
    The tables are all set!
  • 29572863_10156439075884434_283564052249415812_n
    Thank you Cary, Terra and Bruce for rolling the plastic ware in the napkins!
  • 29570745_10156439076004434_8085685988941167271_n
    Terra got all the tables looking extra special!
  • 10308178_10156439076059434_6742150161797045442_n
    Stan will NOT be tending bar! LOL