Temple Funds

Building Fund

An important part of being a Temple member is to contribute to the Temple Building Fund. This obligation of membership is $500 for an individual and $1000 per family unit. This can be paid over a period of five years. This money is used to maintain the physical structure of the building and it’s property updated. This would also include future renovations and additions to the Temple.

Jewish Camp and Israel Youth Scholarship Fund

A needs based scholarship is available to Temple youth to enable them to attend any Jewish sleepover camp or a youth program to Israel. Details are available from the Temple Religious School Director.

Milton “Peppy” Ressler Memorial Fund

This is funded through the estate of the late Calvin Simon. Purpose: The purpose of these funds is to enhance the religious, cultural and educational lives of the members of Temple B’nai Israel. The funds are not be used for other purposes, such as administration or building functions, for example.

Method: The funds may be awarded as they become available. The Board will make an Annual notice to the congregational membership regarding this memorial, its purpose, and means by which it is available.

Sisterhood Fund

The Temple B’nai Israel Sisterhood engages women from all walks of life to come together to support our Temple. Many functions include monthly get togethers and providing meals for Temple events. This fund enables this organization to provide for resources and programming that will enhance our congregational life.

Cantor’s Discretionary Fund

Under the supervision of Cantor Larry Charson, this account provides funding for many different circumstances, from purchasing a much needed item for the Temple or providing assitance to a community member in need. The contact person for this fund is Cantor Larry Charson.

Synagogue Associate’s Fund

The fund of the Synagogue Associate will be used under the discretion of Patricia Ressler-Billion. Many purchases include new liturgies used for Shabbat Services and new worship references.

Prayer Book Fund

This is a fund that was started to update siddurs for Temple usage for Shabbat and High Holidays.